Encuentros interreligiosos


Theravāda  Buddhism   and   Teresian  Mysticism

  MEDITATION AND CONTEMPLATION                   PATHWAYS TO PEACE                   International Centre of Teresian and Sanjuanist Studies (CITeS), University of Mysticism     The Centre of Buddhist Studies of the University of Hong Kong

Avila ~ Spain,   27-30  July  2017

In times of spiritual crisis and division among peoples, interreligious dialogue is an urgent need. Because of this, the International Centre of Teresian and Sanjuanist Studies (CITeS), “University of Mysticism”, is pleased to announce its intention to conduct a series of encounters that will place the Teresian mysticism in dialogue with other religious traditions.                     The first of these events is an encounter between Carmelites and Buddhists of the Theravāda school, the oldest among the living traditions of Buddhism, organized in collaboration with the Centre of Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong.                                       By cordially inviting our brothers and sisters of the Theravāda tradition, we would like to deepen the understanding of our respective faith and practice. There is no wish to deny the differences between the two traditions, or trying to reduce them to a common denominator. Rather, under the principles of equality, deep respect and desire for cooperation, we would like instead to offer the possibility of a genuine and fruitful dialogue and explore options to address the current spiritual crisis. The theme proposed for this encounter is meditation and contemplation.                                                                                                            Among other activities, the encounter will feature presentations, roundtables, prayer and meditation workshops, chanting, all in an atmosphere of conviviality and fraternity.

For details, please refer to the information brochure  http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/documents/Spain_brochure.pdf

For details of the II INTERNATIONAL AWARD TERESA OF JESUS AND INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE: BUDDHISM AND TERESIAN MYSTICISM, please refer to the Award brochure http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/documents/Spain_award.pdf

REGISTRATION       Please complete the registration form – http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/documents/Spain_reg_form.pdf and send the completed form together with the payment prove to: CITeS – Apartado 139 – 05080 Ávila – España, or e-mail:info@mistica.es

REGISTRATION:       ON-SITE – 150 euros          ON-LINE* – 60 euros (*Attend the Encounter through Internet and online video streaming)

LOGGING:          48 € / day – single room / meals included           80 € / day – double room / meals included.    Possibility of scholarships and grants to students and people with lack of means. Registration will be accepted once the corresponding payment has been made, the registration form has been filled and returned to us along with the receipt of the payment.  Bank code ~ Banco Popular : SWIFT: POPUESMM – IBAN: ES36 0075 5703 1106 0011 4008  – Spain    CREDIT CARD VISA, MASTERCARD,…: PAYMENT GATEWAY: http://nubr.co/GUAbTA   Accommodation in the CITeS is limited.  Upon completion of the quota, residence will be provided in another place.


17.00 Opening of the conference    17.30 The importance of interreligious dialogue and goals for the encounter:     – From Carmelite perspective / Dr. Francisco Javier Sancho Fermín, Director and professor, CITeS “University of Mysticism”       – From the Buddhist perspective / Dr. G.A. Somaratne, Professor Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKU       18.30 The Order of the Discalced Carmelites / Fr. Saverio Canistrà, General of the Discalced Carmelite Order       19.30 The Theravāda Buddhist tradition / Dr. Asanga Tilakaratne, Professor of Pāli and Buddhist Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.


08.30 Ceremony ~ chanting      10.00 Virtue and the teresian path of prayer / Dr. Maximiliano Herráiz, Professor CITeS “University of Mysticism”, Specialist and publisher of the books of Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross    11.00 The role of sīla (virtue) in the path to liberation / Venerable Dr. Phra Suthithammanuwat, Professor in Buddhist Studies. Dean of the Faculty of Buddhism, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Ayutthaya Thailand   12.10 ~ 13.10  Panel discussion      17.00 Vocal and mental prayer and religiosity in the Carmelite tradition / Sister María José Pérez, Discalced Carmelite Nun, from the Puzol Monastery (Valencia)  18.00 Prayer, worship and ritual in the Theravāda tradition / Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami, DPhil (Oxford), Trustee & Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, University of Oxford, Professor, ITBMU, Yangon  (Myanmar)  19.00 Panel discussion  20.00 Prayer-meditation workshop: Teresian prayer of recollection / CITeS community “University of Mysticism”


08.30 Ceremony ~ chanting           10.00 Discursive meditation and the prayer of active recollection / Dr. Rómulo Cuartas, Subdirector and professor, CITeS “University of Mysticism”             11.00 Preliminaries of concentration meditation / Dr. G.A. Somaratne, Professor Centre of Buddhist Studies, University of Hong Kong (HKU)       12.10 ~ 13.10 Panel discussion      17.00 Presentation of the awarded papers in the II International Award Teresa of Jesus and interreligious dialogue      20.00 Prayer- meditation workshop: Buddhist meditation / guided by Venerable Dr. Bhikkhuni  Dhammadinna (Italy), Professor at the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Art (Taiwan), Buddhist Studies Department. Āgama Research Group Director.


08.30 Ceremony ~ chanting    10.00 Mystical prayer and its degrees / Dr. Francisco Javier Sancho Fermín, Director and professor, CITeS “University of Mysticism”   11.00 The Jhānas in the path to liberation / a Theravāda monastic scholar     12.10 ~ 13.10 Panel discussion  17.00 Awards ceremony: II International Award Teresa of Jesus and interreligious dialogue  18.30 Closing paper: Buddhism and Christianity: cooperation for peace    19.30 Conclusion of the conference